Praia do Guajiru is located 150 km northwest of Fortaleza and 12 km east of Trairi. Praia do Guajiru has recently been added, along with Flecheiras to the tourist route of Ceara and will soon grow in popularity, but for now it still remains a hidden gem away from the crowds! Coordinates: 3°13'19"S   39°15'50"W

Praia de Guajiru Activities

If you're a kiter or surfer of any description, planning to visit NE Brazil, "Praia de Guajiru, Ceara is the only place to be!"

Kitesurf Praia de Guajiru

There is a lot of wind here in Praia de Guajiru and the surrounding areas and if you are a devotee of wind driven sports, you will love it. The second half of the year is an excellent time to visit, with very reliable winds between July and December and very little rain.

If you only bring one kite with you we recommend a 9 metre kite, however if you have plenty of space or are planning to stay for a longer duration, 11 and 13 metre kites will also get used, especially early in the morning and in the late afternoons.

The Water: Clean water. Every six hours tide start changing. Reef out and flat water on the lagoon that appears at low tide.

The Beach: White sand, very big beach, lots of space to launch.

The Wind: Starting side-offshore to side-shore

Surfing Praia de Guajiru

Surfing is rarely the sport first mentioned when talking about Praia de Guajiru, but during the rainy season - yes, you are in the tropics! - between February and May, there are some great breaks to be enjoyed.

Dune Surfing Praia de Guajiru

Dune surfing is a great deal of fun and one of the most popular "cheap" sports in which to participate. Very similar to snow boarding, dune surfing is a must try activity, even if you just do it sat on your bum!

Buggy Rentals Praia de Guajiru

Buggy rentals are huge fun, especially on the beach and amongst the dunes, but beware; many of the "roll-bars" that you see are not structural to the vehicle, with many of them being bolted onto the fibreglass bodies and not to the more solid frames. They are ideal for strapping things to, but should the buggy roll - you more "extreme" drivers out there know who you are - the roll-bars are unlikely to save your bacon.

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