Praia do Guajiru is located 150 km northwest of Fortaleza and 12 km east of Trairi. Praia do Guajiru has recently been added, along with Flecheiras to the tourist route of Ceara and will soon grow in popularity, but for now it still remains a hidden gem away from the crowds! Coordinates: 3°13'19"S   39°15'50"W

Praia do Guajiru and Surrounding Areas

Praia do Guajiru and Lagoinha are two small towns, separated by a short walk along the beach, which enjoy steady winds and depending on the time of year and local conditions, a big swell which is lots of fun and also offers a great "downwinder". Praia doGuajirú and Lagoinha are both located just a short distance from Trairi, which is the largest town in the area.

The coral reefs that protect the shoreline together with the steady prevailing winds, make Flecheiras a kiteboarding haven and back in 2006, the first ever Kitesurf Teams World Cup was held right here on Flecheiras beach. The natural lagoons are surrounded by long sand dunes and decorated with palms are an enigmatic location and are exceptional places to practice windsurfing and kitesurfing before kicking back to relax and unwind at the end of another wonderful day in NE Brazil

There are several beach bars and pousadas in the area where you can feast on freshly caught fish, tropical salads and enjoy chilled drinks while watching the more active locals and visitors practicing their chosen sports on, in and next to the surprisingly calm waters of the Atlantic.

There are a number of local organizations which are committed to maintaining the environment and eco-system, there are also guided tours that introduce tourists to the natural and ecological surroundings. One of the speciality products of the area is seaweed cultivation and each July there is a festival to celebrate the harvest and is organized by SEBRAE and local government bodies whose aims are to keep this form of agriculture sustainable

The one enduring memory of Flecheiras will be the people that you meet. The Brazilians are some of the warmest and friendliest people you will ever come across. They have a natural joy for life at all levels and will give the largest welcome you have received, anywhere.

Mundau is 3 miles away is very similar to Flecheiras but has a more deserted beach which is ideal for buggy rides - you can even view the old lighthouse that still works - and dune surfing which is a must do activity when visiting. Where the river meets the beach at Mundaú you will see the "S" formation in the sands, with coconut trees lining one side and the local fishing boats, jagandas, lining the other waiting for the jangadeiros to take them fishing . From here you can also enjoy a trip up the river on one of the various boat tours.

Please note that Praia do Guajiru does not have a petrol station and the nearest one is in Trairí.

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