Praia do Guajiru is located 150 km northwest of Fortaleza and 12 km east of Trairi. Praia do Guajiru has recently been added, along with Flecheiras to the tourist route of Ceara and will soon grow in popularity, but for now it still remains a hidden gem away from the crowds! Coordinates: 3°13'19"S   39°15'50"W

Food in Praia de Guajiru

If you want something filling and cheap to eat after a hard day playing you should try the "Frango Assada" which is grilled chicken and served in most pousadas in the area.

"Feijoada" is the national dish of Brazil. A good feijoada includes many specific ingredients and a lot of practice to get just right. Feijoada is a dish of black origin, prepared in most areas of Brazil and is a hearty black bean casserole which includes beef, pork ribs, loin of pork, sausages and pigs trotters. Traditionally a slave dish, Feijoada has grown into a respected and admired meal.

Churrasco is the Brazilian BBQ: various meats grilled and baked with burning wood or coal. Specialist restaurants called Rodizio's are the place to try a churrasco, but be prepared for a big meal; a huge choice of different meat cuts will be presented on what seems like and endless conveyor belt of trays and you are only finished when you cannot eat another thing.

Grilled fish is readily available in the many restaurants and pousadas and is almost guaranteed to be freshly caught and lovingly prepared.

Fruit is plentiful in all of Brazil and you find a ready supply of freshly picked mango, pineapple, banana and coconut, plus an array of more tropical and local fruits.

If you get the opportunity try sweets from the local fruits - "banana-passa", "caju-ameixa" and "mariola" most are made following family recipes which are jealously guarded and passed from one generation to another.

In the surrounding hills of Ceara in NE Brazil you can try the local fire water "cachaca", which is made in small distilleries and stills before being aged in oak barrels for several years.

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