Praia do Guajiru is located 150 km northwest of Fortaleza and 12 km east of Trairi. Praia do Guajiru has recently been added, along with Flecheiras to the tourist route of Ceara and will soon grow in popularity, but for now it still remains a hidden gem away from the crowds! Coordinates: 3°13'19"S   39°15'50"W

Things to bring to Praia de Guajiru

Casual beach clothing should be all that you need, T's, shorts and flip-flops or "chinelo's! as they are called locally. The weather is perfect in every way - never blisteringly hot and never-ever cold, however some long pants and a sweatshirt will stop you feeling a chill in the evenings. If you plan on partying til dawn, jeans and smart-casual shirts will get you into most nitespots, even in Fortaleza.

Sun protection is a must, with factor 30 recommended as a minimum even for tanned skins. Due to the closeness to the equator the suns effect is far stronger than you will realise.

Bug Repellent is a recommended addition to bring with you, although due to the constant ocean breezes there are far less mosquitoes than you might expect as they are not strong flyers.

Cash is King in most of Brazil and Flecheiras is no different. VISA cards are accepted in some establishments, hire stores and shops, but MasterCard, Diners Club, American Express and most other are rarely seen.

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