Praia do Guajiru is located 150 km northwest of Fortaleza and 12 km east of Trairi. Praia do Guajiru has recently been added, along with Flecheiras to the tourist route of Ceara and will soon grow in popularity, but for now it still remains a hidden gem away from the crowds! Coordinates: 3°13'19"S   39°15'50"W

Praia do Guajiru, Ceara

Not to be confused with Ilha do Guajiru, Praia do Guajiru is also located on the North East coast of Brazil, halfway between Fortaleza and Jericoacoara in Ceara state.

Whereas Ilha do Guajiru is predominantly aimed at kitesurfing and watersports enthusiasts, Praia do Guajiru is more family orientated with a greater emphasis on the overall beach lifestyle as a whole.

Guajiru comes from the name "guagiru" which is of Indian origin and comes from an indigenous berry which can be found in three colors (pink, red and black), in the local sand dunes

Nestled between Flecheiras to the north, Lagoinha to the south and Trairi to the west, Praia do Guajiru is the perfect family destination for those in search great beaches, great weather and lush natural surroundings with a peaceful ambience.

Praia do Guajiru is a small seaside village, where you will see the fishermen pulling their boats onto the beach in the morning and cows idling up and down the shoreline

Praia do Guajiru is an idyllic beach nestled between Lagoinha to the south and Flexeiras to the north and about an hour and a half from Fortaleza to the south. Guajiru has been popular with wealthy families from Fortaleza for decades, a place they called home at weekends and during the holiday seasons. However in recent years, as the road infrastructure has improved, Guajiru is becomin recognised as a destination of choice for Brazilians from other regions of the coutnry as well as international visitors

You will regularly see jangadas paraded up and down the coast in locally organised races, when they are not out fishing for the catch of the day in the mornings. Crowds gather on the beaches to wave encouragement to the sailors and families that crew these small yet stable boats

Interspersed with the boats you will see windsurfers and kitesurfers "catching air" as they leap effortlessly from the wave tops thanks to the breezes which cool this area of northeast Brazil. Afterwards they gather in the local pousadas that are sprinkled along the shore and fervently discuss what went right or wrong over a bottle or two of their favourite beer and a plate of freshly caught fish.

If you are insearch of a dream destination where the beaches are mostly empty, where the locals treat you like guests instead of targets, then Pria do Guajiru is well worth considering. The cost of living is low compared to most European countries, infact life on the whole is relatively laidback - so be prepared. Howver it is is the spark of the Brazilians that catches the attention of most visitors and draw them back. The spontaneity of the dancing and singing, the smiles on the faces of the children and the relaxed attitude to pretty much everything and everyone. They are all contagious and once you leave you will wonder when will be the next time you get to indulge your freedom in such an exhilirating way. In fairness it will probably not be until you revisit this unique part of the world!

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